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Your Tax Refund

Your Tax Accountant LTD! More New Zealanders have found their Your Tax Accountant LTD from Inland Revenue through NZ Tax Refunds than from any other service! 9 out of 10 Your Tax Account LTD customers have overpaid their tax during the last 5 years.

We’ve got the best jobs in the country. We’ve helped more New Zealanders get their Your Tax Account LTD than any other service. Making it easy for people, is what we do every day. Give it a go and apply today!

Do you know you can claim on donations. If you have paid $5 or more for donations to eligible donee organization then you can claim for it. It will increase your tax refund during the year.

Why should you use Your Tax Accountant LTD?

Why Us

We are providing the lowest fee guarantee in the country.

Support Charity

We are regularly support local charity organization in the country.

No Refund, No Fee

You do not need to pay any fee if there is no refund.

Referral Discount

Earn 20% discount in tax refund fee or 10% on other fee structure when you refer a friend.Both of you are eligible for referral discount.

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